Recycled materials we generate, 
Are they recycled

Recycled materials we generate, 
Are they recycled Properly?
Inconvenience truth of recycling

Most of recycled material we generate
Are not recycled.

Most of recycled materials we generate are not

being recycled. According to 2019 report

by Green Peace, only 23% is being recycled. The rest

77% end up in landfill or in the ocean, wander around  and

create a huge island of trash without being decomposed.

The trash island is 16 times the area of Korea

and weighs up to 80,000 tons.

Plastic waste increases every year and 
It will greatly affect our lives.

With a traditional method of manually sorting

the recycled materials, It becomes impossible

to handle  ever growing wastes. If we cannot sort

the recycled materials  from the waste,

The waste has to end up in a landfill or incinerator.

Such methods creates secondary and tertiary

environmental pollution And the result comes

right back to us.

Transition from 'Linear Economy' to 
'Circular Economy'

According to a 2019 report by Greenpeace, only about 23% of the world's recycled 

waste is actually being reused. The remaining 77% of waste is either landfilled or 

ends up floating in the oceans, forming large garbage islands that are about four times the size of California and weigh approximately 800,000 tons.
Until now, after products were manufactured through resource extraction, the most common disposal methods were 'incineration' or 'landfill', in other words, the traditional 'linear economy'. However, as an alternative to the limitations of this linear economy, various international organizations led by the UN have spearheaded a global environmental policy shift towards 'circular economy' promoting a transition to resource circulation. In line with this approach, AETECH seeking solutions that diverge from 

the old practice of seeking new landfills and focus on swiftly recovering and recycling more resources as a fundamental measure.

Manual recycling 
we have done so far,
Now, recycling is done 
by AI and robot.
Manual recycling we have done so far,
Now, recycling is done by AI and robot.

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